There is only one way to save your life with a gun but…
 There are a million ways to destroy it!

North Dakota Constitutional Carry Online Training

Did you know Constitutional Carry is now in 27 States, and North Dakota is one of them? Which means, no license and no training to carry your firearm concealed in public! But too many people find themselves on the wrong side of the law because they chose not to get trained and “Didn’t know they couldn’t do that!” We want to stop this from happening!!!

We have trained thousands of people to safely and responsibly carry their firearms! We have taken our 5 star rated in person training and organized it into an online video course unlike anything anybody else is offering! No need to seek out a local instructor or take a day out of your busy life to sit in a classroom at an inconvenient time and pay a high price to do it!

Our goal is to help those Ohioians who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right and avoid the pitfalls of carrying without proper instructions. The consequences of which can include Arrest, $50k+ in bail, loss of employment, loss of assets, legal fees adding into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention you could lose your freedom and life! If you are going to carry, PLEASE get trained! If not with us, find someone else BUT get proper training!


  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Legal Use of Force
  • Reasonable Use of Force
  • Desparity of Force
  • Escalation of Force
  • Using Force to Defend Property
  • Less Than Lethal Options
  • The Physiology of an Attack and the Effects it has on You
  • What to Expect During and After a Defensive Encounter
  • The Effects of Adrenaline
  • What to say to 911
  • Dealing with the Police While Carrying Concealed
  • How to Handle a Police Investigation
  • The Importance of Having CCW Insurance
  • All Constitutional Carry Laws Specific to Your State(Pistol Free Areas, Duty to Inform, Property Owner Rights, Federal Laws and more)

All these topics will be covered through a series of easy to follow videos that you can watch in the comfort of your own home at times convenient to you!


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  1. You receive access to our “How to Constitutional Carry with Confidence” Video Training Course, which is the core of our training.
  2. State Specific training video that will train you in your State’s laws.
  3. Downloadable/Printable Certificate of Completion.
  4. Access to FREE Virtual Range Software download that when used in conjunction with a “Laser Cartridge” and your firearm, can make your dry fire more interactive and fun.
  5. Discounts on CCW Insurance, Holsters, and more…


2A Madison is a subsidiary of Michigan CPL Training Academy, LLC. We have trained thousands of people to carry responsibly and legally. We started 2A Madison because we noticed a void of easy to access Constitutional Carry Training and while we are 100% behind the notion of not having to pay or apply to a government agency in order to exercise our rights as Americans, we do fear that people carrying a firearm without proper training could result in good people ending up in legal hot water due to ignorance of the law.

So we asked ourselves, how can we take our concealed carry curriculum, modify it for Constitutional Carry and get it to the people at a price that would make you ask yourself, “Am I being foolish for not taking advantage of this training”? You are here and have obviously weighed the consequences, so you are NO fool!

And while you are considering us, I ensure you, TRAINING IS OUR PASSION, and we have NEVER taught a class we weren’t proud of! We encourage you to check out our in person training reviews (click here) to get insight of what you can expect in our online course. We have worked hard to earn every review and want to offer you the same quality education that you would receive if you were sitting in one of our in-person classes.

Thank you,
Karl D. Kessler
Founder/Lead Instructor